My pain doctor stopped prescribing percocet. That’s when I found the maeng da kratom. My friend and I split a bottle. I was working, and I said, “are you having any withdrawals?” He said, “I’m fine. It’s like nten hours since I had a pill and I’m feeling fine.” I’m like, “You know what? Me too.” And then, like, it turned to 20 hours and I took some more maeng da kratom capsules, and I’m not having any cravings, I haven’t gone this long without a pill in years. then it turned to 20 hours, I’m like, Oh my God I went a full day. Starting to feel a little giddy, but feeling like shit at the same time. But happy, proud, like, no way! Did I find the key to get out of opiate detox? Oh my God I’m gonna tell the world.

Would you get really sick without opiates before you found kratom?

The withdrawals start coming in 4 hours. I had a habit of about 200 milligrams a day of some narcotic for years. It’s a mess.

I have a friend that’s on pain killers like vicodin and he says his back hurts. But I think most patients are dependent on narcotics. I try to convince him to try kratom,

If the trade off is plant leaf every day, so be it. I take like 8 capsules to go to work, and I feel fine. I don’t need coffee but it does still give me energy. Save the 600 calorie Starbucks bomb.

I take the green maeng da strain for work and daily life. It keeps me not thinking about pills. It keeps me functioning through the day. I’m a way better person than I was a couple years ago. That’s a good trade-off, considering.

Is an opiate withdrawal anything like a kratom withdrawal?

Oh no. I take kratom five days a week and I’ll take the weekends off. I’ve gone two days, three days, and started feeling slight withdrawals but nothing close to oxy . It’s only kratom. If you respect the kratom, it respects you back.

I forgot to mention how important music was to me when I was going through the withdrawals.. I found a musician that I always wanted to explore.. it was pink floyds music that helped me a lot. Also journaling.. writing down what I was going through.. how many days sober, away from opiates. That was really important to me at first. After a few months the journaling got a bit less, but it’s still important.. of course music is still a vital source to my happiness.

Do you think kratom helps with your creative process?

When I was in the opiate addiction, what killed my writing was that I just didn’t want to do things. If I get out of this situation is there some streak of creativity that will happen? I will trade it. And I still went more years on the pain pills. I’m like, well something I’m supposedly passionate about, I have no motivation or passion for. It just was a miserable existence.

I started doing art more. I look at my first paintings and they were not great. Then they got more in-depth and stuff. I developed my own style. Late ’18 when I got off the pills with the kratom, and the whole 2019, all those paintings were all kratom. Like I said, it was that pink cloud moment too. I got like nine paintings done in that three week period. Every day I just wanted to do something creative. It was getting off the opioid pain pills and my brain just being free. It starts making its own dopamine and then it bursts, and then it goes down low and that’s when we get into that PAWSWith kratom you can drive on it andbe productive member of society. If it helps you get to work, it’s okay. No one’s complaining that you drink coffee every day, and they’re in the same family. Starbucks lines are through the roof, and that’s normal. Kratom’s normal.

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